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First Autism Homeopathic Clinic- Free Clinic

Autism Therapy

What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)  also known as Autism is a complex condition that presents various challenges in speech, communication, and social skills. Research has found that ASD can be detected at 18 months or younger. By age 2 diagnosis can be made by an experienced professional, however many children do not receive a final diagnosis until they are much older.

Did you know?

  • In Canada, Autism is found in 1 out of 66 children as per the 2018 National Autism Spectrum Disorder Surveillance System (NASS)

  • One-third of the people with autism remain nonverbal

  • One-third of people with autism have intellectual disabilities.

  • Autism has been found to be associated with gastrointestinal disorders, seizures, sleep disturbances, food sensitivity, attention deficit, and hyperactivity disorder.

Screening Tools:

There are a number of screening tools to assess toddlers, children, teenagers, and adults. Below are a few tools which are used by healthcare professionals:

  • Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ)

  • Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales (CSBS)

  • Parent’s Evaluation of Development Status (PEDS)

  • Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (CHAT)

  • Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (M-CHAT)

  • Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers, Revised (M-CHAT-R)

  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder Screening Test-II (PDDST II)

  • Screening Tool for Autism in Toddlers and Young Children (STAT)

Signs and Symptoms:

At 6 months of age:

  • No smiles, No joyful expressions directed at people

  • No eye contact

At 9 months of age:

  • No smiles or nonverbal communication

At 12 months of age:

  • No eye contact

  • No babbling

  • No use of gestures like pointing, waving, etc

  • Not responding to their name when called

At 18 months of age :

  • Does your child point to things when he/she wants to show you something?

  • Looks in the direction you point out?

  • Does pretend play?

If the answer is NO to any of the above questions then its best to contact your family physician or healthcare practitioner to schedule an assessment

At 2 years or above:

Social issues:

  • The child may not show interest in playing with others.

  • May harm or injure their siblings.

  • May cry for no reason for a long duration of time, instead of calling to their parent

  • May not be aware of his/her surroundings

  • Does not like to be carried, hugged or kissed

  • Does not like to interact or play games like peek a boo etc

  • Prefers to play alone

Communication Issues:

  • Does not show eye contact

  • Struggles to understand other peoples feelings

  • Holds their parent’s hand to pick up things or show things.

  • Does repetitive actions like flapping fingers, spinning, lining up toys.

  • Looks at the wheels of a car for a long time and spinning the wheels.

  • Looks at their toys in the lying down position.

Repetitive Behaviors:

  • Eats unusual objects like clothes, buttons, chalk, etc

  • Observes their fingers close to their eyes.

  • Moving in circles or spinning for a long time, rocking

  • Jumps from high places without any fear and repeats the same action even after being injured

  • Gets upset by a change in routine

  • Plays with toys, in the same way, every time

  • Repeats words when spoken to them – Echolalia

Motor Issues:

  • Walks on their toes

  • They either have exceptional balance or are extremely clumsy.

  • Drooling saliva.

Sensory Issues:

  • Does not tolerate seat belts and hair cuts

  • Aversion to taking baths

  • Cannot tolerate loud noise, music, bright light, new experiences, change of weather, etc.

  • Not startled by loud noises

  • Does not like to change their clothes

Safety Issues:

  • Jumps from high places without any fear

  • Bites or hurts themselves or others

  • Pulls their hair, puts their hand in a fire or electric outlets

Homeopathic Treatment for Autism :

Homeopathic medicine is a 200-year-old system of medicine that has been effective in the treatment of complex diseases.  During a homeopathic visit, the homeopath’s aim is to match the symptoms elicited by the patient to a drug picture hence the initial consult is longer in duration.

There is no specific homeopathic product for the treatment for Autism, each patient with ASD is considered “unique” and a specific remedy is chosen based on the symptom picture.  Also, the duration of the treatment may vary from patient to patient.

We recommend that parents do not wait for the diagnosis of autism but rather, the moment they witness mild signs of ASD, they schedule a consultation with a homeopath and begin homeopathic treatment. This because the younger the child, the easier it is to treat them successfully.  Homeopathic medicine can be applied alongside conventional medicines and we advise patients to continue occupational therapy during their homeopathic treatments.

During your initial homeopathic consultation, it is best that both the parents attend the appointment with the child.  During the consultation process, we would require intricate information from the parents regarding the patient beginning from the child’s birth through to the current date. At the NMCH teaching clinic, students observe the patients during the case taking process and provide feedback in the selection of the remedy. Every child is special and our team of Homeopaths along with students discuss all details of each case in order to provide an expeditious recovery.

Homeopathic Medicines:

The homeopathic medicines prescribed to our patients are safe and do not have create harmful side effects. These remedies are approved by Health Canada and carry a DIN HM number / Lot number - which are dispensed by a qualified practitioner. 


Essence Homeopathic Clinics in Collaboration with North American Medical College of Homeopathy  is the First clinic in CANADA to introduce a Free Homeopathic Autism Clinic. The vision of Essence Homeopathic Clinics is to advocate for Homeopathy as a scientific treatment methodology for Autism.


The ASD treatment offered at the Essence clinic is FREE of cost, which includes the consultation & medications. We thank our sponsors, North American Medical College of Homeopathy & Artemis for assisting us in achieving this vision.

Free Autism Clinic FAQ:

  • How long is the initial visit?

The initial visit can last anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour

  • Will you be providing the medications?

Yes, the remedies along with instructions on how to administer them will be provided by the Essence Clinicss Staff. 

  • When will I see results?

With each visit, we generally provide medications for 1 week or 15 days only.  Thereafter, we request that parents observe the child between appointments noting any changes they observe.  We expect that you should begin observing some changes after starting the medications. 

  • Is the treatment absolutely free?

Yes, the treatment is free of cost which includes consultations and medications. We do not provide recommended supplements that may be required.  These will have to be purchased at the patient’s expense.

Treatments for conditions other than Autism example eczema, constipation may not provided for free. 

  • What do we bring during the first visit?

We recommend that both parents attend the first consultation along with the patient. Kindly bring all investigative reports and doctors’ reports.

  • My child is exhibiting ASD symptoms but my doctor said the symptoms are mild and is not sure if it is ASD.  Can I still begin treatment?


Yes, we recommend that you begin treatment irrespective of diagnosis. As a parent you will be the best judge of your child’s behavior hence if you recognize ASD symptoms, it’s best to start homeopathic treatment as soon as possible.

  • My child is enrolled in Occupational therapy. Can I start homeopathic treatment along with this therapy?


Yes, you can. Children who are treated with Occupational Therapy and who are treated with homeopathic medicine at the same time will improve much faster.

  • Will there be a waiver form that needs to be signed?



  • Is this a teaching clinic?

Yes, it is a teaching clinic, therefore students from North American Medical College of Homeopathy  are present for observation purposes only during the consultation process. Parent’s consent will be requested to take photographs and/or video recordings for study and educational purposes solely. Your privacy and the privacy of your child is essential and is very important to us.  The photographs and video is used to note and record the childs changes in behavior and/or motor skills during the treatment process.

  • Are homeopaths experienced in treating Autism?

Yes, experienced Homeopathic clinicians at our clinic have a minimum of 10 years of Clinical experience.  The clinical team discuss the case and recommend a suitable medication for treatment.

  • Is Homeopathic Autism treatment the same for all patients?

No, the treatment is not always the same for each patient.  It is determined by the symptoms expressed by the child therefore treatment protocols vary from patient to patient.

  • What is the goal of treatment?

The treatment goal is to reduce the ASD symptoms to a bare minimum by which the child can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Research Study & Case Studies:

  1. Role of Homoeopathy in the Management of Autism: Study of Effects of Homoeopathic Treatment on the Autism Triad:   Click here

  2. Homeopathic Secretin in autism: a clinical pilot study : Click for resource

  3. Effectiveness of homoeopathic therapeutics in the management of childhood autism disorder: Click for resource




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