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Welcome to Essence Homeopathic Clinics, your one stop solution for all health complaints that needs homeopathy. We offer the best homeopathic experts for the treatment of your complete family. Our centers in India and Canada offer treatments to patients based on the “Advanced Homeopathic Protocol” which has benifited more than 60,000 patients. Our team of homeopaths are medically qualified and hold vast experience in treating acute and chronic conditions successfully.

The Advanced Homeopathic Protocol helps to eradicate the disease completely from its root cause resulting in rapid, gentle restoration of good health. This method of treatment makes homeopathy very fast acting, in fact in acute cases of diarrhea, flu etc homeopathy acts much faster than conventional method of treatments. We are focused in helping the patients to achieve the optimal health through our knowledge of medicine, nutrition, genetics and homeopathic philosophy. 


Dr. Anil Sharma

Anil Kumar Sharma., HOM., DHMS., PGHOM (Cardio)

Registered Member of College of Homeopaths of Ontario

Registered Member of Ontario Homeopathic Association
Registered Member of Delhi Homeopathic Council (India)

A homeopath with a passion to treat patients quickly and effectively, Anil Kumar Sharma graduated from medical College - Jaipur board (India) in the year 1986 and practiced Homeopathy since then. He is one of the leading practitioner in Delhi (India). Anil Kumar Sharma became the panel consultant of International Airport Authorty of India and National Airport authority of India. Anil Kumar Sharma was well known in India for treating patients with arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis only with homeopathic medication. He is a man with a goal to make homeopathic medicine most desired first line of care in treating patients with heart disorders. He is known for treating those cases that are '"Labelled" as incurable and has been successful with homeopathy. Anil Kumar Sharma is a traditional homeopath who implements the traditional homeopathic principles by using modern methods of observation. Making a homeopathic diagnosis is the very difficult while consulting with a patient and this might even take hours to do so but Anil Kumar Sharma through his experience has found ways to arrive at a homeopathic similimum (remedy) within minutes

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